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Augusta Maine is home of DDH Real Estate, a locally owned and operated firm created by a team of real estate specialists with many years of experience in Maine. Our mission is to provide personalized professional service to buyers and sellers- whether you are moving across town or coming to Maine for the first time.

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About DDH Real Estate

We’re a small group, and that can really work to your advantage. A hand-picked team to offer superior quality and personalized service to our clients. We provide all the reach and services of a big firm including multiple state-wide listings and more.

Our size allows us to use both our technology and our training to the fullest. We can respond rapidly, which is essential whether you’re buying or selling.

Clear, thorough and prompt communication is our hallmark. If you choose to work with us, we’ll start with an initial assessment, at which time we’ll create an action plan in line with your goals and expectations.

Knowledge is power and ongoing training makes a difference. We participate in monthly training sessions with outside professionals to stay up to date with real estate law and current trends. And as members of the National Association of Realtors, we embrace the code of ethics and standards of practice set by that organization

Our communications skills, years of experience, and flexibility are just a few of the qualities that set DDH Real Estate apart. Ultimately, choosing a realtor comes down to what feels right. We look forward to talking to you.