What exactly IS a “Real Estate Referral”?

Real Estate Referrals are commonplace, although often misunderstood unless you have been directly involved in one. They offer a valuable and extra layer of service and comfort during your real estate transaction. The cornerstone of the DDH REAL ESTATE referral work is their ability to surround themselves with agents and community they know and trust providing you with ease and convenience.

Whether you are relocating or looking for property outside their area, DDH REAL ESTATE can support your needs by referring you to a realtor within their well established and trusted network, which was built through many successful transactions and years of experience.

How does it work

“Outgoing Referrals” allow us to support those we care about most-family, friends, and past clients whom we refer to other best in industry professionals we know and trust.

“Incoming Referrals” we have the expertise, and relationships to collect all the information needed from the referring agent to support finding exactly what you want and need.

Avoid the pitfalls knowing you will never have of worry about using your valuable personal time and expenses to look for a new property, only to find the agent forgot to block out time in their schedule, isn’t responsive to your needs, or just isn’t a good fit. Our goal is to put those worries aside.

You can rest assured that if we don’t have a referral contact in your destination, we will identify and interview agents in the area to manage and establish expectations on your behalf to ensure smooth sailing throughout your experience.

Would you like to learn more about how a referral works? Our goal is to  make your experience a great one and your real estate dreams a reality.

Did You Know

Referrals provide something that advertisement can’t – a personal recommendation to a credible and reliable professional.